Today is our birthday at Pulse Design & Build!!

We are seven years old today!!

Come and join us for a nice cup of tea and a slice of cake!

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We would like to say a BIG thank you to all our clients that we have worked with and successfully completed projects for over the last seven years. We would also like to say thank you to all our loyal, experienced and trustworthy staff and suppliers that have provided exceptional service and commitment over the years.

Thank you!!

From Vicky

Director and owner of Pulse

Swimming pools don’t have to be rectangles!

Often, we must travel for the luxury of using a swimming pool, but a lucky few have the comfort of having one in their own garden. Here are a few interesting pool designs that are trending now which the Pulse Design Build team can help you achieve.

Water Features and Swimming Pools

This is one of Pulse´s recent projects which shows not only a perfect shape which blends perfectly with the form of the villa, it also has combines a cascading set of LED lit waterfalls. This not only adds a focal point but also a tranquil ambience to the compact garden.

Modern outdoor kitchen/ entertaining area

Swimming Pool Bars

What could be better than on a hot summer´s evening, sitting in the pool drinking a nice refreshing beer? There are many design options that could result in incorporate a bar into your swimming pool project.




We are now on site!!

See our progress throughout our journey on our new Estepona renovation project.

We are now on site



What to expect

Once demolition is cleared to start, you’ll need to jump in with both feet! The Demolition Phase is possibly the scariest stage, but it’s also exciting because after all the talking and planning, at last you can see immediate changes. It makes the project real and exiting to see how the project develops and progresses.

Building firms marbella Building projects marbella

If you’re undertaking a renovation, your demolition is going to be a lot more manual. Depending on the type of renovation, a crew will come in to strip out every part of the structure necessary to prepare for the new construction. This could take one person a single day, or many people many weeks, depending on your project requirements.

What are the best office chairs for back pain?

Initially, a few rules for what makes an incredible seat. For those situated at a work area, ergonomics is more vital than you may understand. Ergonomics is expected to adjust the working environment to the solace of the specialist, limiting distress and weakness.

Resultado de imagen de herman miller embody

Poor ergonomics and remaining similarly situated for broadened timeframes can cause a huge number of issues, back agony among them.

  • Customizable seat stature and arm rests: Your ought to have the capacity to sit with your feet level on the floor, thighs flat, and arms even with the tallness of the work area. Your arms ought to have the capacity to lay serenely around your work area and your wrists ought to be level when composing.
  • Movable lumbar help: Lumbar help is a vital piece of an awesome seat. In any case, it must be customizable to your body or it could really cause more torment. Search for those that have stature, or even profundity, customizable lower back backings.
  • Work back seats: Mesh upholsteries are better ready to flex and conform to your back, superior to calfskin or padded seats.
  • Remedy situate profundity: When sitting, your back ought to be full bolstered, and the backs of your knees shouldn’t touch the seat torment.
  • Waterfall outline: Similarly, a waterfall situate edge (one that falls forward) can diminish weight on your legs and energize sound blood course.
  • Development: It is additionally critical that your seat can swivel to suit achieving diverse territories of the work area without stressing. Furthermore, seats with no less than five legs are better ready to move absent much exertion. A portion of the best seats additionally energize development, as we’ll examine in the blink of an eye.

Top five office chairs

1. TOPSKY Mesh Computer Office Chair
2. Ikea Markus Chair
3. Poly and Bark Inverness Ergonomic Office Chair
4. Serta Mid-Back Office Chair
5. AmazonBasics Mid-Back Mesh Chair

So Much To See!! At 100% Design

We are back to work from our trip to London and would like to share with you just a few new designs that took our interest and could feature in our interior design projects here in Marbella.

We really liked the design of these radiators, such interesting colours and shape options. These radiators can be bespoke made and sprayed to any Ral colour.


It was great to see Actiu Office Furniture at the exhibition and their office furniture we have supplied in one of our Gibraltar office design projects.

Huge Doors

These huge doors are even more impressive in real life, and would look amazing in a modern designed villa!!


This flooring would add a touch of luxury to a wooded floor design.

Disco Showe

Disco showering!! Colour changeable LED recessed shower and bathroom design, we love it!

How finding the correct floor covering to suit you

In the south of Spain, the most popular type of floor coverings are tiles and stone. This is because of stones natural ability to stay cooler in the hot months of the year. We have a range of suppliers that offer modern flooring options such as large format porcelain tiles and local more traditional Spanish floor tiles.

Finding the correct floor covering

In general wood is not among the most popular building materials on the Costa del Sol. However, it is probably much more related to the lack of local forests and the need to import wood. Nowadays, this is not such a problem and does not affect price as much as it might have in the past.

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