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What are the bars on Spanish Houses called?

Rejas is the simple answer. These are traditional design on a lot of Spanish buildings, not just residential properties but all types, both modern and classic designs.

The reason I bring this subject up in a Build and Design Blog is that I came across an article on the Internet that asked if the Spanish people are paranoid about crime?

The reason for this question was that the person asking the question had noticed that, whilst on holiday to Spain, they noticed that quite a lot of properties had these “bars” on the doors and windows.

Why do they have Rejas on the windows.

Rejas or spanish window bars

You have to admit, from a design point of you, the metal bars or “Rejas” on the windows and doors of Spanish buildings do enhance the aesthetics of the properties.

Some of these grilles are really ornate, some are, it has to be said, quite ugly but then that all depends on your own taste.

I’ve heard many reasons for their existence, my favourite being that they were there to protect the young ladies from the advances of young men. They could talk to each other with the fathers full knowledge that his daughter was “out of harms way” so to speak.

Other people tell tales of the bars being there for security reasons, to keep out the bad guys, other say they are there to allow the Spanish people to open their doors and windows during the hot weather and still be secure.

Whatever the reason for their existence, Rejas are part of Spanish culture, the very thought of Spain without these decorative grills is unthinkable.

You don’t have to have them, you can do away with any you have on your house you have bought, if you are having a property designed then, just don’t put them on.

It has to be said, Rejas are a great security enhancement to any property, especially in isolated areas but good security glass and an alarm system would also do a good job, its all in the design.

There are some fantastic ironmongers in Spain, they are artistic and well used to ornate designs.

Search online for a beautiful design and then contact us at Pulse Design and Build and we will find you the best metalworker to beat you out the best Rejas and finish off the project or renovation you have in mind.