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Swimming Pools are in great demand as Spain bakes in a heatwave.

I must admit that I am your typical Brit when it comes to moaning about the weather. This heatwave we are riding at the moment has done nothing to ease my angst.

Normally, where I live in Andalucia, we never get temperatures of 40ºC until the first two weeks in August and the last two weeks of July at the earliest. This year though, things are most certainly different.

In the mountains above Malaga, the Sierra Sierra Gordas, June would bring us a beautiful 23ºC most years, the mountains helping to keep us cool and the air is dry and pleasant.

The coast is different, there can be a difference of 10 to 15º most times of the year, one factor that dictates the amount of swimming pools there are on the coast compared to the cooler climes way up in the hills.

Swimming Pool Design and Build

Swimming pools design and build Costa del Sol
There is no limit to the type of swimming pool you can have. Just imagine what yours might be like?

The heatwave has encourage people to take to their swimming pools in droves, those who have a pool that is, others  must crowd together like seals on the beach or risk being dive bombed by the kids in the local Lido.

Some people, and I fancy you may be one of those people, will decide that they should have a swimming pool of their own.

If this is the case, you should consider carefully the type of pool the suits your location and who you intend to get to design and build it.

Swimming pools come in all shapes and sizes, there are plastic pools that sit above ground, they are easy to put up, you don’t need planning permission (providing you don’t add anything to it) and they will fulfill a need should you be desperate for a swimming pool.

Above ground pools, in ground pools, infinity swimming pools, pre-cast, plastic, Gunite, Vinyl, Fibre Glass there is a long list of makes, designs and prices.

Here are some beautiful infinity pools from around the world.

It is no easy thing to get the perfect pool for your location and, of course, you have all the red tape to go with it. Not all areas of Spain will allow you to build a pool.

Pulse Design and Build Swimming Pools

The answer to your problem is to get a company who are well used to getting pools designed and built and the whole project managed from start to finish.

Talk to the people at Pulse, get a beautifully designed pool built and with the most imaginative pool decking as well.

Contact Pulse about your new pool.

PS. Wouldn’t you know it, just as I finish this Blog we get a summer storm.