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SHARK! Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water!

Nothing to do with Design and Build or Costa del Sol Builders and definitely not an interior design subject but something we are all talking about in Spain.


Shark on Mallorca beach

Or, should I say, “a Shark!” But even though we are talking about a single beast, its enough to make some people very frightened.

Most people are of the opinion that you do not get sharks in the Mediterranean Sea, I’ve never seen one, the nearest you would get to a shark in the Med would be the ones you see on the fishing boat angling trips and that is the same shark for the last 40 years, or so it seems.

The incident itself happened on the beach at Cala Mayor and Can Pastilla , on the island of Mallorca.

The whole incident was captured on video and shown across all TV News Channels.

The Blue shark, apparently with a very bad wound was seen thrashing about at the edge of the sea, obviously in some distress but the very sight of a shark in the shallows was enough to cause panic and people rushed out of the water.

The beaches were cleared and experts in motorboats made a search for the animal which was eventually found with what looked like a wound caused by a harpoon, in its head.

Its not clear if the harpoon wound was caused before or after the shark had gotten to the beach. It was eventually destroyed.

Blue Sharks

It is a very rare sight to find a blue shark so close to the beach, they prefer to be in the deeper waters where they feed on fish and squid, although female blue sharks may come into shallower waters to drop their young (Pups).

It is sad to say that these beautiful animals are often hunted for food and their fins used in shark fin soup, according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation.

So, please, don’t be put off going for your swim, sightings in the Med of these wonderful creatures is rare.

here is a delightful link to the Guardian pages where you will find wonderful photographs of endangered sharks.