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Pulse Design and Build can offer you the very best in Interior Architecture services in Marbella and all along the Costa del Sol and inland Andalucia.

Our services include the following;

Autocad drawings

AutoCAD is a computer-aided drafting software program used to create blueprints for buildings, bridges, and computer chips, among other things. Discover howAutoCAD is used by drafters and other professionals.

Space planning

Space Planning In Interior Design. It is said that space planning is the core of interior design. It is usually the allocation and division of interior space to meet code and provide the needs of an individual client whether he is looking for planning of a residential house or an official building.

Lighting planning

Lighting up a room, a building, an indoor or outdoor space is not simply a matter of choosing some nice coloured lights. Lighting is very important to the whole project and could make or break the project. Pulse Design and Build have lighting specialists at hand to deal with this problem.

3D Visualisations

3D Visualisations are just what you would expect them to be. We let you see your project in high quality computer generated graphics in three dimensional format. Our computer experts can show you in lifelike 3D form what your finished project will look like.

Mood boards

If you have never heard of a “mood board” you most certainly have used one at one time or another or seen them in use on TV programs. A “mood board” is an arrangement of photographs, materials, pieces of text, colour pads etc. This is a way to help you imagine or get the feel of a design or project.

Interior Architecture mood board

Selection & Sourcing

Projects need to be planned, right down to the materials used and who would be best to supply these materials. Get this part of any project wrong and the price and finish time can be disastrous! Supply of wrong materials or late supply will add to the expense. We know the best type of materials and a reliable supplier.

Budget & Time planning

This is the part of the project that can hurt the most, if you get it wrong. Anyone can get a project finished in double quick time, its a simple matter of using more labour and machinery. Making the project cheaper is also easy; use half the labour and machines and inferior materials.

In each case, there are consequences. Faster is more expensive, cheaper is slower and quality will be effected.

On time and in budget with the quality of design and materials that conforms to the customer requirements, that is the hard option.

This is where a professional stands out from the crowd. Pulse Design and Build project management pride themselves on their ability to deliver any given project on time, in budget and conforming to customer requirements.

If you would like an in depth description of this phase of a project, Wikipedia has one.

Pulse Design and Build have the staff and resources to deliver all of the above services in Marbella, Costa del Sol or inland Andalucia.

We are available to discuss any or all of the above and would welcome a call from you. remember, anyone can do “cheap” and “fast” but not everyone will deliver “on time” and “in budget”.

We can; call us today.