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Emergency building and plumbing services on the Costa del Sol

Spain is a great place to live, if you like endless days of sunshine. The last thing you would think about is an emergency builder or plumber.

The truth of the mater is this; You can go from May until September, sometimes even longer, without a drop of rain. When the rain does come, it is quite often with a vengeance.

This year has been quite different to most years in the Malaga province as well as Andalucia as a whole. The hot weather started early and just got hotter and hotter.

While this might be wonderful for the tourism, the extreme heat takes it out on properties and causes many problems. Driveways often develop cracks and the longer they are left untreated, the worse they get.

Gates swell in the heat, and, on many of the older Spanish properties along the Costa del Sol, doors and window frames are often metal. These too can be effected by the temperature.

When the rain comes.

Emergency builders Costa del Sol
Villanueva del Trabuco was hit by high winds and driving rain. This caused problems for the forthcoming Fiesta.

Normally, the rainy weather does not come until the middle of September, depending on your location. In the last twenty four hours (time of writing 28/7/17) we have encountered a fantastic electrical storm and driving winds which, accompanied by rain, has caused damage to properties and structures.

This is when you need an emergency builder or plumber!

Emergency plumbers and builders are not hard to find in Marbella and along the rest of the Costa del Sol. The best emergency builders and plumbers are not so easy to find.

Having your roof leaking, your gates jammed or your boiler damaged by the weather can be a costly affair. Getting the best tradesmen is essential to having your emergency sorted out right away and, at the best possible price.

Pulse Design and Build of Marbella have their finger on the pulse when it comes to the top builders and plumbers along the Costa del Sol.

Pulse use only the very best qualified tradesmen and so we are able to help you find one. Don’t wait until you are up to your eyes in water or worse, get in touch with Pulse and get the number of a great tradesman, emergency builders and plumbers, we are always happy to talk to you.

Pulse can also help with the repairs or reforms to your property. Contact us and find out what we can do for you.