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Ideas contest has been held to design a new contemporary vernacular building in Mijas Costa

The Sur in English. For anyone who does not know the publication, the Sur in English is a free newspaper.

“The Sur” as it is known to the great readership, is a English version of the Spanish Sur newspaper and it is distributed free every Friday. There are always great stories and articles as well as everything else you would find in a large publication.

Sur in English Design and Build competition Mijas Costa
This abandoned concrete structure in Riviera del Sol was used for last year’s ideas competition. As you can see, it’s not easy.

Design and Build Articles

Happily for me, there is a great article in this weeks publication. If anyone who writes a Blog would tell you, the hardest thing is to generate new and original content.

This week the Sur printed an article that is right up the Pulse Design and Build street.

Under the banner of ‘Costa del Sprawl’, architects, designers and students from around the world were invited to explore different themes they feel define the area and offer an alternative perspective on leftover spaces and abandoned structures. See the full article.

The article might be a tad heavy going if your not really into design and build, architecture and social issues but stay with it, its not your usual run-of-the-mill article.

For example; Do you know what “Vernacular Architecture” is? Would you like to know?

Vernacular architecture, also known as folk, popular and traditional architecture, is an architectural style that reflects local traditions and is designed based on local needs and availability of construction materials.

You don’t need to be a trained architect to dabble with the Vernacular Building style, this relies more on talented builders who source materials and ideas locally.

Spain, in particular the villages of Andalucia, these are great places to vernacular building at its best. Have you ever wondered why you would get a 5 story house stacked next to a bungalow or  random sized building in a row?

Vernacular design and building catered more for the needs of the local population rather than somebody elses vision of what the areas should look like.

Check out the article in the Sur in English, its worth five minutes of your time.