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A ban on building within 500 meters of the Costa has been overturned by a judge

Andalucia’s highest court has overturned the ban set by the regional government that was set in 2015.

These building restrictions, known as the Plan de Protección del Corredor del Litoral, were designed to put a stop to construction on land alongside the sea on Andalucía’s coast that has not yet been built over.

There was an appeal lodged by the town of Barbate in Cadiz, Barbate appealed against the plan and a sitting judge ruled in their favour earlier this month (September 2017), explaining that the document had been approved when the Junta was run by an acting government, prior to being formally sworn in, and, as such, it didn’t have the authority to impose any such ban on building near the coast.

Had this ban been kept in place, the construction of  1200 homes on a strip of land close to the sea would have been halted for good. Now the construction company can look again at the plan to go ahead with the project.

More than half this number of properties being built are in the Torre del Mar area, where the Junta’s plan froze six projects: Valle de Niza, Torre Jaral, Arroyo El Cabo, El Pinto, La Serrezuela and Loma de Juanelo.

Prior to the town of Barbate, the councilors of Velez-Malaga had appealed against the ban in 2015 citing the need to attract tourists to the area. This was rejected.

The Manilva town council also objected to the banned coastline plan as 30 hectares known as Loma del Rey couldn’t be developed. Nor could 321 homes be built at Playa de Guadalmansa in Estepona. This new ruling will almost certainly allow them to go ahead with their projects as well.

The JUnta de Andalucia would have to appeal to the top courts in Madrid if they want to keep the ban in place.

We’ll wait and see.